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young-ji's story

Hi my name is Young-Ji and thank you for visiting this page to read my story!

I have never used the word "beautiful" to describe myself. Though, I felt that I was cute and pretty at best, I never looked myself in the mirror and said, "Hi Beautiful." 

But as I was working on the launch of my own skincare brand, purpletale, I realized that I spent too much time in the mirror on a fault-finding mission. Trying to achieve someone else’s standard of beauty.

And how can I not? I’m constantly bombarded with gorgeous faces and amazing bodies, everywhere I turn. They are on TV, ads, magazine covers and all over my social media feeds. Day in and day out.

If wanted to change this -- I knew that I had to see beauty in myself and more importantly, help others to also see the beauty in themselves. Because there’s nothing better than being able to say, “Hi Beautiful” to the face looking back at us in the mirror. That’s why the mission and tagline of purpletale is “The Beauty of You.” I want to celebrate the skin that we are in.

With this mission in mind, I hustled to develop a product line that was affordable, simple and most importantly, effective. I also wanted to simplify and demystify the secrets of Korean beauty and share its core principles to always-on-the-go women, like myself. Because let’s face it, time is precious and limited.

And that’s how our flagship product, 5 Steps to Lovely Skin was born! Our kit has everything you need for a facial, in one convenient pack. All you have to do is follow the numbered steps to experience glowing and radiant skin in just twenty minutes. And did I mention that it’s the perfect companion for travel or for spa days at home? 

I confess, that last paragraph sounded too much like a product pitch – but it’s because I cannot contain my excitement about our innovative facial kit. Since I’m being completely honest, I cannot believe that I made it!

It was a struggle to convince the Korean labs and factories to create this new delivery method. It was never done before and the factories were very skeptical of my vision. I wanted to throw in the towel many times, but I’m so grateful that I chugged along because getting positive feedback from my customers just makes my day.

 That was my story of how purpletale was born and what I’m striving to do. Everything I do stems from the basic belief that you don’t need help becoming beautiful, sometimes you just need a little help seeing that you already are.