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Sharing is Caring: Discover hidden Asian Beauty Gems with Beautibi!

We here at purpletale have the opportunity to work with awesome #ladybosses who offer various services related to Asian beauty and we wanted to start sharing them with you, because sharing is caring.

To kick-off this series, we want to highlight Beautibi, a place of hidden Asian beauty gems that somehow uplifts and puts a smile on your face. 

Jennifer, the founder of Beautibi has impeccable taste when it comes to curating effective and feel-good products from all over Asia, specifically Taiwan, Japan and Korea.  ​And I want to emphasize that last point.  There's a lot of buzz around Korean beauty these days, but we all know that there are great products from all over Asia.

What amazes me about Jennifer is that she's on top of the trend, but doesn't get lost in the weeds and manages to do it all. She maintains a kick-ass e-commerce site and service, plans and executes all the marketing, designs all of her creatives and has an active social media accounts. Talk about a #ladyboss who kicks ass!

Make sure to check out her beautiful selection of sheet masks here and follow on her IG. But be warned that her food posts will make you hungry! 

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