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#TravelTuesday: 5 Things To Pack For a Happy Flight!

#TipTuesday #TravelTuesday

What makes your flight a happy one? Or is there a such a thing?  

With long security wait times, frequently delayed flights, and ever shrinking leg-room, it seems almost impossible to have happy flight.

But, let's not fret over things that we cannot control and focus on what we can do before and during our flight to enjoy our trip to the fullest!

We want to share a check-list by Miranda of Slashed Beauty that will make us happy (or happier) campers up in the clouds.  

1. Passport : This one along with your boarding pass is a no-brainer. For domestic flights, government issued photo ID works too.

2. Headphones : A must to fully enjoy your in-flight entertainment.  We don't mind sharing arm-rests but sharing headphones is a no-no in our book.  

3. Good Book : If your in-flight entertainment isn't satisfactory, or if you are feeling literary, having a good read handy helps to pass time. 

4. Sleep Mask : Better sleep means better looking skin, so anything that helps to achieve sounder and longer sleep is a must!  If you are extra sensitive to noise, remember to pack ear-plugs too.

5.Skin Care: And if you want to look absolutely stunning for your selfies, remember to pack a sheet mask to apply either during or right after your flight!  And of course, we are in love with our 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Facial Kit, because it's travel and #NoFilter selfie friendly.  

These were our top 5 must items to pack on your carry-on!  What's your must-pack item? 

(Image via @slashedbeauty)

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